Polestar Performance Upgrades

Polestar Performance for your Volvo

More performance and better power optimization.

Polestar Performance is a product that optimizes the power of your Volvo. Optimizing a car’s power means that the engine’s power and torque increase, compared with the original version. The Polestar system can be installed in both new and used cars. The upgrade is carried out in our workshop and does not affect the car’s new-car warranty or future service requirements. The upgrades are not intended to give maximum power or torque, instead they improve the driveability of the car whilst maintaining reliability. This means that you, the customer, can look forward to trouble-free motoring and, during normal driving, your car’s certified fuel consumption is not adversely affected by the upgrade, notwithstanding the improved performance.

Why Polestar Performance:

  • Volvo Car Corporation Approved Product
  • Boosts Engine Power And Driveability
  • Does Not Affect Original Volvo Warranties
  • No Risk Of Losing The Performance During Service Work

Warranties & Service

When you purchase Polestar Performance upgrades, your car’s original Volvo Warranties are not affected. Other commercially available systems normally void the new car warranty.

Polestar Performance upgrades are fully legal and may both raise the desirability of your car and its resale value.

Polestars upgrades do not affect future service work on the car, in contrast with other systems. If you use another system, you risk losing your power optimization or having to upload and download software in and out of the car, whenever the car is serviced.

Fuel Consumption & Environment

Polestar Performance only affects your car’s performance at higher loading. This contains the car’s original certified fuel consumption during normal driving. When you use the extra performance for overtaking etc., the fuel consumption increases temporarily, due to the increased power output.

As time passes, the true fuel consumption might be a few percent higher or even slightly lower depending on driving style, compared with the standard car. This is possible since greater power can contribute to a more eco-friendly driving style, with faster acceleration up to constant speed with lower engine loading.

For further information on the Polestar Performance Upgrades available on your car, please contact the Aftersales Team on 01284 778899.