Epic swimming challenge in English Channel could see Suffolk paramedics net thousands for charity

Called the East and West Channel Swim Challenge, the race will see two teams – joined by an oceanographer and lifeguard – attempt to swim 21 mile stretch between England and France next month.

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Sponsored by Cecil & Larter

In July we aim to have two teams of 6 swimmers who will swim across the English Channel from England to France. Our teams are based in East Suffolk and West Suffolk and consist predominantly of Paramedics and Student Paramedics. We are hoping to raise as much money as possible for two great chariteis. These are:

The Ambulance Wish Foundation UK, which aims to help terminally ill people to fulfil their final wish. They are raising money for their first specially designed ambulance to transport these people in safety and comfort, with appropriately trained volunteer staff.

The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) support working and retired ambulance staff and their families when facing difficulties or unexpected circumstances. They offer financial aid, advice, rehabilitation and support for those with poor mental health. They help those who save lives!

Please help to support us with this event and give what you can for these two amazing charities.

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