• Holden GAP & RTI Insurance

    Covering the shortfall due to a write off

    Due to accident, flood, fire or theft, your motor insurance company declares your vehicle a total loss. What’s more, there could be a significant shortfall between the original value of your vehicle and the insurer’s pay-out at the time of the total loss, likely to be the current market value.

    And what if you used a finance agreement to buy a vehicle that’s declared a total loss before you’ve paid back all you owe? You may have to pay any outstanding monthly payments in one lump sum, on a vehicle you can no longer use. Whether you’ve paid outright, or have taken out a finance agreement, you can protect yourself from exposure to financial loss with our Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection and Return to Invoice facility.

    • How it works - RTI Insurance

      •    You pay £18,500 for your vehicle. 

      •    Your vehicle is written off.

      •    Your motor insurance company pay-out is £12,000. 

      •    An RTI pay-out of £6,500 tops it up to the price you originally paid

    • How it works - GAP Insurance

      •    You pay £18,500 for your vehicle. 

      •    Your vehicle is written off.

      •    Our motor insurance company pays out £12,000 but you still owe £19,200 on your finance agreement.

      •    A finance GAP pay-out of £7,200 makes up the difference originally paid

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